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Are you UnHappy? Know science of your surprising Habit

Unhappiness is like second hand smoke, it creeps up on people. Are you UnHappy? Know science of your surprising Habbit. It does not only affect the unhappy person, but it also makes other people around you miserable as well!

1. You are Lazy:

Unhappy people generally prefers to live sedentary lifestyle. If you are unhappy, you are either lazy or don't prefer to stand and work more.

Your usual habbits can be like:

  • watching television for longer period of time,
  • sleeping too much,
  • playing video games a lot, etc.,

2. You don't Socialize:

Lack of Socialization can strike down your happiness. It's not easy to socialize, but you should not avoid it completely either!

If you avoid others, you can create more trouble for self! People help each other more quickly and friendly, when on trouble!

Isolation poses health risks. Living alone having a small social network, and infrequent participation in social activities are associated with lower level s of self esteem,

3. You are not Friendly:

If you are very hostile in nature or don't like to live around friends or family, it could lead to depression or stress which can make you unhappy!

4. Negative thoughts dominate you:

As per science, undue pessimism makes life miserable. Negative thoughts are easy to influence people.

You accept defeat very quickly, even with small obstacles. Such thoughts could lead to easy stress and depression, making you unhappy!

5. Bad Memories influence you:

As per science, our emotion and memory easily develop reciprocal feedback.

Our mood determines the memories that we remember and those memories further influence our mood state. This is reciprocal loop of going depression at infinity level until you break the web and come out.

The only way to get over it is to remember something happy! Happy memories will repair and recover your faulty mood state and will make you more happy in similar reciprocal loop.

6. Lack of Nourishing Foods:

We all know childrens with lack of nutrient foods becomes highly sensitive to irritation and gets angry quickly, so is with adult.

As per science, Healthy & Nutrient diets can improve and overcome depression and stress!

7. You Value Material things:

According to study, people who are materialists are more likely to be unhappy!

Materialism & life satisfaction are 2 different dimesion which opposes each other for many events.

Materialistic people find it hard to be grateful, and this makes them unhappy.

8. Stressed out Quickly:

Being optimistic is easy way to overcome stress and fix various life problem, that you do not have full or much control!

If you are not optimistic, you tend to grow stress and depression habbit, which eventually will make you unhappy!

So, it's said, "Stress out ~ Be optimistic" for things that you do not have much or full control!

9. Are you Alcoholic or Smoker?

Alcohol and smoke have strong connection between abuse and unhappiness!

When things do not go according to you and you do not have control over situation, it will make you feel SAD.

Alcohol and Smoke chemically changes your emotion and it's adverse effect can make you stressed out and depressed faster!

10. Do you Complain a lot?

Complain and Unhappy are two directly proportional behavior. Changes in one will have an immediate effect on other!

Chronic complainers like kids can increase unhappy environment and people who vent out can express emotional dissatisfaction.

That's why, we recommend kids not to complain and remain happy and optimistic.

11. Stop Postponing of work:

If you are the person, who postpone work. Stop doing it right away! It's killer habbit and can be cause of high depression and stress situation!

People are very rarely free, Life has gifted them work on every right ocassion and if you have an habbit of postponing it, you are just increasing your future load, which will eventually increase stress and depression!

12. Don't Judge other People:

People who judge other are the one, who never fix things inside them!

We all know, no human being is perfect and that includes self! When we start thinking about other people habbit, we mostly think about their bad habbit, which will make us unhappy!

Life science says, "Stop thinking about others and Start listening to yourself".

What are your thoughts? Leave your feedback in below comments!

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